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I do like to try new fruit and vegetables and as I was browsing the seed catalogue earlier this year I came across the James Wong Range and these Cucamelon seeds. I remember seeing these growing in the “wild” where I grew up in Port Orange, Florida. We just thought they were weeds and used pick the little melons and throw them at each other. No one was ever brave enough to eat one, not even on a dare.

It’s was probably too late in the year to plant them but I did sow 3 seeds just to see what might happen.

I don’t even know if we will like them. So far they have required very little maintenance and I now have 3 plants that are covered in little melons. I have high hopes that they will be nice since the plan is to have these to snack on like grapes.

I planted these on July 30th in pots of compost and placed them in my office window. It’s now October and they are happily growing away. Next year I will start them off earlier and grow them in the polytunnel as well. I hope that some of the melons on the vine will fill out and ripen . I’ll let you know what happens.


The cucamelon plants about 4 weeks after planting.


There are dozens of these small melons on the plants.


More small melons.


Plenty of melons.


The cucamelon plants are growing very well in the window.